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Why would you pay

$2,500+ for A Website?

You shouldn't, yet many companies do
because they think that's their only option.

$2,500 is the typical starting price you'll pay
to most web designers,
and it really isn't necessary, there are other options like


Leasing your website for $2 a day!

Website lease?

Leasing or Owning a website can be compared to Leasing or Owning a vehicle or home! Instead of paying for your website with a single upfront payment, the price of your project is amortized over a defined period of time.

Creating a professional website requires certain knowledge and skills, which not everyone has. Remember you only have one opportunity to make a first impression.

Leasing a website is an amazing alternative to buying one. You get the same benefits as having a web developer on your staff.

When combined with an ongoing maintenance contract, all of the hassle of owning your own website, maintenance, repairs, hacks, security and keeping it all up-to-date is passed onto to me, allowing you to focus on running your business!

Why should you lease your website?


For a professionally designed, premium website, you'll pay a one-time setup fee and low monthly payments.


No need to worry about maintenance, hosting, domain renewals, security, updates, spam, or backups.  All of this maintenance is included in your lease.


You just take care of your business; create your own blog posts and/or maintain your eCommerce store. Everything else is taken care of.

Hello There, I'm

Leslie Carson

My vision is that any business or person wanting a website can have one. Simple!

To me that means,

  • you'll have a professional customer facing presence
  • you'll have a better cashflow with which to run you business
  • you'll have more time to spend on your business (or with your family)
  • and you'll sleep easier knowing someone is navigating the ever changing World Wide Web on your behalf

One business at a time,


p.s. I do non-lease custom sites too!

Some of my work…

Amy Sutter

Farm shoppe Owner

Jan Perry


Bettelou Bhakti Soosaipalli

Fitness Coach

Leslie has amazing vision for creativity and design.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Leslie for several years, and she is wonderful to work with.  She brings to the table not only technical know-how for building a website but also amazing creativity for vision and design.  It is rare to meet an artist who is so highly organized and efficient, and we are so grateful that she puts her talent to work for our organization.

Leslie really does make magic happen!

She was responsive to my needs and always asked what I wanted. She was also quick to say whether or not what I wanted was a useful idea in web design.  She is serious about her craft and studies extensively to become better.  Her expertise in web design is enhanced by her skill in product marketing and sales and her experience as the owner of a successful web-based, product-selling business.  Knowing how to design something so that it will sell is a different skill than developing a site that is pretty. Leslie does both.

I always feel Leslie has my best interest in mind.

What I liked best about working with Leslie is that she really listens, figures out what you want, and implements that into the site…FAST!  She is super creative, very efficient, and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend Leslie Carson to anyone wanting a website. She will create a site for you that will not only stand out on the web, but also be a pleasure to use.

Remember, the advantages of leasing are:


Don’t look at your website as a cost. It’s an investment that can make you a lot of money when done right.


You’ll have a one-to-one connection with a professional web designer/developer.


Let your website work for you.  You build your business and let me build and maintain your website.